Welcome to the aop package’s documentation!#

aop is a Python package for amateur astronomical observation logs.


This project is under active development.

Are you an amateur astronomer or astrophotographer who has some ambitions to document their observations in a clean, meaningful way? Maybe you are currently working on a small, home-made research project or maybe you are just struggling to remember the order of all the calibration frames you took last night. Either way, the aop package is for you! It provides a clear and straightforward way for the logging of amateur observations of the night sky. However, it only provides the means to do so, as it is meant to be implemented by a front-end application. Theoretically, you could use any app that is capable of implementing this package. We recommend the use of Amélie Hohe’s Gala to improve your observation logging quality. Focus on the hobby you enjoy, and aop and Gala will do the logging for you.

On this page, you can learn everything about how to use aop. Look in the menu for an installation guide, code examples, a tutorial walking you through every function, and an extensive API reference that has you covered in any technical questions that might arise. Also be sure to check out the search function and the index function if you’re searching for something specific!

aop has its documentation hosted on ReadTheDocs.